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Comicfans Culture Communications(www.comicfans.net)   

  Comicfans Culture was founded in 1997. It boasts topping professionals and management technology in animation and caricature, and has been devoted to market operation and new mass media development in animation and caricature works, literature journals and books for many years, with business covering both home and abroad. As a result of one decade's efforts, it has got outstanding achievements, becoming one of the strong brands with the highest reputation and popularity in the world of animation and caricature in Chinese.

  The Chinese animation and caricature journals, Comicfans, Comic World and Comic Show is run by Comicfans Culture, adhere to the policy of "Take the contents as the priority and regard the readers as first and foremost", base themselves upon the native land, and support original works. For a long time, they have been rated among the top 30 journals in the national retailing market of periodicals, and have become authoritative carriers covering animation and caricature works and teenagers' pop culture. At the "First Great Exhibition of China's Animation and Caricature Art", Comrade Li Changchun, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, read the journal Comic World and listened to the report on its market release condition. So far, the journal has already become a weekly successfully, with a monthly quantity of issuing exceeding 1,800,000 copies. At the same time, Comic World and Comicfans have both been listed into the "Excellent Journals for Teenagers" rated by General Administration of Press and Publication, showing Comicfans Culture's great strength as the leading enterprise of China in animation and caricature field.

  In recent years, Comicfans Culture has introduced the copyright of works by the father of caricature of Japan, Osamu Tezuka, such as My Sun Wukong, Astro Boy and so on, and the project has got the approval from State General Administration of Press and Publication. At the same time, Comicfans Culture has made good use of its brand advantage, to introduce excellent caricature resources from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and a key project in them, Cai Zhizhong's caricature series of Chinese study in full colors, has won a great popularity; in Ao Yo Siang's series that has been in operation for a long time, more than one hundred books have been published, whose representative work Wulong Yuan became a hit overnight, ranking the first in the domestic caricature market sales volume stably for six years running, with a total circulation reaching 30 million copies. Ao Yo Siang has also been praised as "God of Chinese Caricature" by the mass media!

  Comicfans Culture has great foresight for the future, so, it takes in excellent authors extensively, especially laying stress on development of new writers with great potentials. It has cultivated tens of super comic stars, such as Benjamin, Ruan Junting, Yao Feila, Zhu Letao, Ji Di, Ke Xin, Ding Bing, Shel, Wang Xiaoyang, Yu Yanshu, Han Lu, Xia Da, Ai Ou and so on; it has worked out a series of original excellent works of animation, such as My Road, Under Age, I Remember, Magical Night in Chang'an, etc., among which, the copyrights of My Road and I Remember have been sold to Europe, America, Malaysia and other regions and countries, arousing great attention in the animation and caricature world in Chinese.

  In the "Program for Supporting Original Animation and Caricature Works (2008)" started by Ministry of Culture of China, "Place Where the Dream Starts" and "Ascending the Sky" chosen and sent by Comicfans Culture, and the series of 80℃ and Adventures of Mata worked out by Comicfans Culture, won the award for caricature work supporting; Moreover, some caricaturists in Comicfans, such as Ruan Junting, have won the award for supporting caricature authors.

  At the same time, in the macro background of overall prosperity of humorous caricature journals such as Comic World, Comicfans Culture has turned out some new stars in the caricature circle very fast, such as Zhu Bin, Shijiu Fan, Li Yao, and Chen Xiaoyun; the publishing of such popular works as Bursting Laughter on Campus, Rabbit Gang, Noodle Superman and so on, has triggered the prosperity of the caricatural market, making Comicfans Culture into an indispensible force in China's animation and caricature industry. The unique caricature operation system and mode with Chinese features created by Comicfans Culture have added boundless confidence to the undertaking of original writing! In cooperation with many authoritative animation and caricature institutions and mainstream mass media home and abroad, Comicfans Culture has set up the "Golden Dragon Award" facing the global animation and caricature world in Chinese, and now this great contest has been held for six times, reputed as "No. 1 Award in Chinese Animation and Comic World", infusing limitless vitality and power to China's animation and comic undertaking. Moreover, Comicfans Culture has undertaken the "First Great Exhibition of China's Animation and Caricature Art" sponsored jointly by ten ministries including Ministry of Culture, and other nationwide large-scaled cultural activities such as the Eleventh National Exhibition of Fine Art Works. We believe that with the whole-hearted support and promotion from Comicfans Culture, the native original animation and caricature art will continue to advance, reaching an even vaster world.

  Comicfans Culture Diffusing Framework uses animation and caricature as its resources, takes culture as its carrier, regards creative ideas as its pith, uses its strategy as the guide, and takes manpower, technology and management as its guarantee; now it is just in the process of boosting the industrialization of China's animation & caricature, towards the goal of internationalization.