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  Comic Fans Day
   Comic Fans Day launched by Comicfans Culture since in 2006.Which is occurs in all the domestic main cities no 5 August of each year.
   Today, it has become one of China’s large brand comic activities in widest in widest territorial distribution and largest number of attending celebrities in the longest duration.
   It is frequently organizes the famous cartoonists and senior editors to arrange various activities with the fine and original comic works for the comic fans as communication. For this reason, Comic Fans Day has become a well-know brilliant pageant to the expectation of those comic fans, but also let the dreams come true for the children and it builds a colorful spiritual homestead for them.
   It shows loving and care , enables healthy and excellent comic works to reach to each corner. It helps promote domestic comic consumption and the rapid advance for the original comic industry


  Industry Serviced and Charity
   The opportunities and challenges are trend to shows thriving; Comicfans Culture has Active service for the industry and undertakes the Animation & Comic Weekly/China Animation Industry Research, This is an only information magazine of the industry, it has sponsored by the International Conference Office of Comic Industry Development Department. It offers the newest information for sharing even on the internet download free.
   Comicfans Culture undertakes its historic mission and social public welfare activities. It has planned and launched the ‘The Collection of Comicfans 512 Special Edition’.
   At the same time, shoulder the historic mission of Comicfans Culture, enthusiastic various social welfare activities, to planning and launch of ‘Comicfans Large Collections –512 Special Edition’ comic book to start with a happy heart relief, a positive response to the national call to support the construction Products Into Tibet’ and other large public event ,while it is warm support’ hand cast love – poor social participation Meizhou joint action’. launched eight home village poverty alleviation, primary donor update equipment, fully embodies the animation corporate social responsibility.
   Additionally, it also undertook large-scale activities likes ‘the First Chinese Comic Art Exhibition’, ‘the Promotion of Original Chinese Comic Exhibition’, ‘Original Chinese Games for Overseas Promotion Exhibition’, ‘the 11th National Works of Fine Arts Exhibition ’,and ‘Switzerland - China Exhibition of Comic Art’ and so on. These sponsored by ten domestic ministries and commissions. Expanding its brand influence and promoting the development of both the comic industry and the exhibition industry of china.