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Digital Comics
This is the most influential and integrated portal website of the domestic animation industry. It has been committed to the spreading of comic information and the online exchange business of comicfans since it was founded in May 2002,but also brand channels such as ‘Forun’ and ‘Trade Market’ of Comicfans. With more than 200,000 registered members now ,this forum has become an eye-catching sight in china’s comic industry for brisk exchange of ideas and  lively atmosphere.
As the official website of Comicfans, fully interacts with the magazine under Comicfans to become one of the mature comic information publicity platforms in China with remarkable effect thanks to its powerful information channel management, large number of visitors and excellent capability of organizing original works. Meanwhile, it regularly provides real-time information for famous websites, e.g. Tencent and Sina, thereby forming a strong brand effect and high popularity!


This is the only comic enterprise holding the “Internet Publication License” issued by GAPP, Comicfans utilizes its high-quality comic resources at home and abroad to create website, which is digital publication portal for Chinese comics, It consists of the three parts of digitalized periodicals , electronic books and incentives for original contributions. In addition to the current support given to mainstream computer browsers and mobile phone browsers, the website has introduced Comicfans Book Town to IPAD and other reader clients, becoming the first in the industry to occupy a favorable position in the digital comics publishing industry.



Comic Fish
On the New Year’s Day of 2011, Comicfans launched Comic Fish, a comic magazine for mobile phones, which provides major consumption groups with comic entertainment and reading products. On every Monday, it can be transmit in the form of e-book and multimedia messages via China Mobile and China Telecom. It can also be brows through WAP.