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Free Cicada & Poems
Aesthetic ,sorrow, delicate and abundantly personal characteristics ,ENO is one of China’s top professional illustrator and he made a lot of works for the new school writers, e.g. Shen Yingying , Bu Feiyan, Teng Ping and Bad Blue Eyes. She is also a popular author in the region of Taiwan’s publishing houses, including Myfresh .net, and Yungshia Press .This art book collects her newest illustrations in 2010,favorite selections from her 2006-2008 works and a color comic work by Tian Gong Yan-Blue Brid.


When You Standing Your Tiptoes 2
By JiDi & Ageng
Jidi, she is an emotional colors magician.
She would like to invite you come into her warmth dreamland and share with you a wonderful moment.
Jidi, an emotional magician, joined in A Geng, a painter of aesthetic school in creating Look-around on Tiptoes, a student-inspiring picture book.



Juan Juan·Fall In Love with The Most Beautiful Imagination
by Yao Wen Shuang
Juan Juan, a little girl full of love, is a princess of a fantasyland and romantic kingdom .Her image has characterized by a big head, the small curly hair tufts dangling on both sides of the head and pea-shaped eyes that always look up.
The stories of Juan Juan unfurl around the three themes of imagination and creation, peace an environmental protection, love of nature, each being a topic that people follow with great interest.