Chinese Version

Humorous Comics

Wu Long Yuan Series
Long Stories

By Ao Yo Siang

This is a magic martial arts!
  Fantasy Treasure hunt adventure and little humor contain great wisdom!
Evil elimination and pursuit justice!
Wu Long Yuan, there are four apprenticeships; it is around the Millennium when the emperor left ginseng - clown has launched a series of bizarre, the struggle between justice and evil! The story start from a Kung Fu master Mao Tong and a puzzle redfish, unconsciously, these four men has involved in a treasure hunt incident.

Funny School Series
By Zhu Bin

The bestseller more than 10 million volumes!
This is the most popular Chinese funny comics!
Subversion of the traditional logic set off a country boy this super funny whirlwind!

  Funny School Series are presents the young reader’s similarly living environment, talking about ‘Dai-tou’ this is a rural boy with a ‘Mars thinking’ who came to a big city for schooling .Among each character has a distinct personality-making the story familiar and natural to the readers. The work has created comics of national human chapters and endless laugh-making methods.
Funny School has become a new direction of contemporary comedy comics. Its total volume sales are more than 1-20 booklets in 10 million now!

Funny Kingdom Series
By Comicfans Culture

  Zhu Bin and his brother Zhu Jiang has compiled Funny Kingdom , this is a bestseller of 1.3 million volumes, they are the winner of best playwright of Golden Dragon Award ,as an unprecedented comedy collection created by the new comedy writers of the greatest potentials in China.
The new supplements of Funny School have collected into this book, to exposures more unknown extra stories about ‘Dai-tou’ ,his secret growth history and even the weird animals ! In additional “the Cute Edition of three Kingdoms ”,has played on TV is also included in the major domestic first-line magazine humor comedies author strong collection of new works. There are many hilarious comic funs to see you again!


Rabbit Gang Series
By Shi Jiu Fan
A masterpiece of humor and fantasy!
Bud! Hot Blood ! Fierce Fight !
Rabbits Sorcery VS Evil Forces
  White Branch ,the self-confident successor to the head of the village of Jade Rabbits, Green Branch with watery eyes who can control deities of justice-rabbits launch a counter attack at the human world ,unfolding a tremendous collision!
”Rabbit Gang” provides readers with an unusual visual feast through the design of lovely and vivid characters, a 3-in-1 integration of fight, props and grown and dead rabbit turning into Superman.
The adoption of the Japanese-style classical mode of children’s comics has not only created the super market competitiveness of Rabbit Gang, but also enabled the Chinese readers accustomed to Japanese comics to see the wonderful sports of China’s own original comics.
The collectable card game (CCG) of ‘Rabbit Gang ’won a second prize for best development design at the first national competition of derivative product design and development.
Notebooks, CCG ... the plan for peripheral products are now In full swing!


1 Zhou Hong Bin Bad Panda 1-10
2 Liu Cheng Wen Crazy Pirate1-6
3 Tong Yi Ming Metal Fanatic 1-2
4 Tong Yi Ming Butterfly Lover Over Flower 1-10
5 Zhou Hong Bin & JRD Prince Season 4 1-6
6 Jiang Xiao Chen Sassy Girl & Adonis 1-5
7 Rainstorm P-BOYS 1-12
8 Li Yao Dragon Exorcist 1-16
9 Chen Xiao Jun Pow Man 1-18
10 GOWEN ji Mao Clonic Detective