Chinese Version


You Still Understand the Mind of a Boy
By Joint authors
I can understand , but can not to say.
Who do not have those secret of youth? Those are stories about him and him.
Sometimes like a friendship , sometimes as love. Innovation benchmarking youth literature in 2011 . Eleven pure emotional and Poetic love stories, growth and troubled thoughts; it is directly deep in our hearts. Eleven popular male authors carefully crafted for the mind, is their story?


Big Joker Xu Duo Yu
By Kalian Kalian & Anbor
We would let you know more about a magical world!
Xu Duo Yu, she seem to be no different with other ordinary girls. In fact, she was magical world predictions for the next master-big JOKER. Therefore, she experienced many trials, in order to recover the missing family members. Xu has always been hard to learn magic. The magic examination coming soon, suddenly all kinds of strange things happened at the side, it seems to many invisible magic disrupt her to become the next big JOKER, one of magic ,friendship ,love story start now.


Chang’ an Fantastic Night Novel
Author: Mian Tang Xiong & Han Lu & Mian Lang
Comicfans editor Mian Tang Xiong and caricature queen Han Lu, they have cooperated in the first time, to raise a mad tide of anciently fantasy stories! Han Lu shows her ancient style and excellent illustrations for this novel!