Chinese Version



32K semimonthly Price : RMB 15.00
The most comprehensive classic girlish comics;
New stories tributes by the famous cartoonist;
The newest information and deeply capture the comic fashion trend;
The most popular domestic comic magazine for young people in China;
The most classic original comic journal with experience more than ten years;
2009-2010,it has awarded the “Excellent Children Journal” for two consecutive years by the National Press and Publication Administration


Comic World
16K weekly Price: RMB 5.00
The most popular comic journal with top selling in China!
Fine graphics, exciting story , all collects in one!
Mainly to young people aged 8-16
Materials Integrates the most popular cartoonist;
Constantly develop new comics;
Entertainment , fun, creative, splendid!
Realize their dreams in a professional comics marketing platform;
Press and Publication Administration recommended “the best junior periodicals”;
It is the domestic priority comic products by Culture Ministry of China.
‘Comic World ’ is much honored to be an excellent achievement by the investigation of Mark Intelligence Report on china’s Print Media Retail Distribution 2011



Yue Hui
16K monthly Price: RMB 15.00
The most expectations picture book in 2011
Fascinating, Warm, Fresh, Fine, Pleasant
This painting book has gathered the most famous authors and Illustrators from China, like :Ji Di, Xia Da, Nie Jun, MINT, SHEL, Zhu Le Tao, Li Huan, LISK ,Shi Jiu Fan, and so on.
Diversity and masterpiece, it painted compatible with most popular fiction, Precious, graffiti and so on.
Maintain an unique originality, and lively readability with the current trend.