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Tool Reading Matter

Dai’s Methods – Funny School Fan Book
By Zhu Bin & Comicfans Culture
This is an extra edition Funny School Book!
It contains a complete record of the files of characters in the Funny School and reveals the incredible topics!
Dai Tou show is laugh burst the universe! Break 10 million domestic humor comic masterpiece!


The CG Knight Age
CG Technique Book with Famous Artists!
Forty-five popular cartoonists to edited this excellent teaching material with their personal cases! The master hands of CG drawing explained in simple terms the steps of drawing skills and demonstrated examples of CG painting software, including Photoshop, Painter, Comic studio and Paint Tool, to assist you gain an easy mastery of the newest computer painting techniques.


Q Strategy-Crash Course on Q Comic Techniques
A well-know comic creation team from China, the book systematically explains the basic knowledge and painting skills of Q comics. Specifics step by step. An abundantly Q examples teach you to draw loveliest Q characters easily! Just try it!